Yes, this article contains spoilers. Now let's begin.

This was an article I wanted to write last week. This past episode, confirmed my theory. It looks like the dead and the living will be duking it out at Winterfell in the next episode, which will leave the majority of the season left over. This leads me and others to believe the Night King won't be the ultimate baddy of the show.

After the living and the dead fight to the death and we lose a lot of our favorite characters (let's face it, the next episode will be a devastating one) whoever is left will have to fight for the Iron Throne. For the majority of the show, all fingers seemed to point to Cersei to be the "bad guy". Even in the last episode, writers pointed to the fact that Cersei would be a big problem this season. What if I told you Daenerys is worse?

Yes, this long time favorite will soon turn on characters like Jon Snow and Tyrion; eventually becoming hated by the fans. Dany is one bad decision away from becoming her father.

During episode one of the final season, Dany seemed to have a different vibe around her. Something about her was rubbing me the wrong way. Her conversation with Sam about his family was a a moment that made everyone feel bad for Sam and simultaneously feel uncomfortable. Fast forward to Sam telling Jon that in fact he's not a bastard. Sam asks a very important question, would Daenerys give up her crown to save the living? Honestly, no, no she won't.

Let's move on to this past episode. Jon shares his new found family tree to Daenerys. No one thought this was going to end well. Well, that thought was completely correct. Dany didn't exactly handle this well and looked livid when she realized Jon is the rightful heir to the throne.

It probably didn't help that she realized that she slept with her nephew. Well, I guess for her the idea of incest is normal.

Clearly, Jon doesn't want the throne and would give it to her. It doesn't seem like that will fly with her and she's going to be a problem this season.

Mark my words, Dany is going to have to die.

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