A Galloway home that erected hundreds of green glass bottles in tribute to fallen veterans is now up for sale, the tribute gone.

For as long as I've lived in Galloway, the perimeter of this rancher house on Jimmie Leeds Road was always one that captured attention, because of the rows and rows of glass bottles. The homeowner was rumored to have attached to his fence one piece of glass for every soldier killed in action during the war in Iraq. However, I received an email from Maureen McArdelle that stated Mr. Hammell (the homeowner) possibly just collected the glass simply because he liked how they looked.

UPDATE: Thanks to SoJO Facebook Fan Lynn Smith for clarifying that the pieces of glass were actually insulators for telephone poles.


I was startled when I drove by it the other day and saw the tribute had been completely removed, a For Sale sign in the yard. It was weird, frankly.

The owner passed away several years ago, according to family member Bev Long who posted to the wall of our Facebook page, but I'll be wondering, along with other Galloway residents that have come to know the home, what became of all the bottles, still happy to see an American flag flying in the breeze.


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