The parent/teen coaching organization Success Street, LLC is hosting a free webinar this week with tips on how your whole family can cope with the effects and stress of quarantine.

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The webinar 'Maintaining Family Wellness During Quarantine' happens Thursday, May 14th at 8 p.m.

Success Street will offer information and advice on handling stress amid COVID-19 social distancing as a family unit, and feature a live Q+A session where you can ask parenting questions answered by a doctoral-level social worker and certified school psychologist.

Other topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

  • fear or worry about your health and the health of loved ones
  • fear of leaving your home
  • the financial impact of quarantine
  • changes in sleep and/or eating patterns
  • difficulty concentrating
  • stress of homeschooling and/or working from home
  • feeling isolated

So, if being at home with the kids and the kids being home with you has you stressed out, maybe Success Street can help you all find new ways of chilling out and respecting each other's space. Moms and dads, if you're having a hard time explaining the pandemic to your little ones, like why they can't go to school or play with friends, the webinar could be a great opportunity to get some free insight.

To register for this free seminar, click here.

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