You're never far from a new discovery in Cape May County.

From shipwrecks to the Cape May diamonds, Cape May always has something for you to check out if you're feeling adventurous. Get ready to add something else to the list of sights you should head out to see.

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The Wildwood Video Archive has shared the reveal of an old whaling pier that's recently shown itself as a result of one of the storms the passed through over the last week or so. This happens from time to time, storms revealing a piece of the Jersey coast's history. In fact, it probably occurs more often than you think.

The reason it seems to happen more frequently than not is because so much history has taken place up and down the shores of Southern New Jersey. The Wildwood Video Archive specifically cites Cape May's history as a resort town which translates to decades upon decades of businesses, seaports, ships, etc. that have faded away with each passing year. However, although they may cease to operate, the remnants of the Cape May of old still remain.

The pictures shared to the Archive's website show several pieces and stacks of wood that apparently once formed a whaling pier in the late 1800s. While the pier's location has yet to be revealed, the pictures themselves prove that there's no predicting what has yet to be revealed along our shores. All it takes is one wild storm to find out.

Take a look at the pics HERE.


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