When a 22-year-old moves into the state, where is he or she going to meet people? It seems like technology would make it simple. Download an app like Bumble BFF, or meetups.com and the sky is the limit.

But it doesn’t always work that way. So what’s a 22-year-old to do? Consult Reddit, of course. And what will Redditors advise? Pick up a new hobby, join a club, take a class, go to this bar or that restaurant.

A Redditor with the user name ZealousMonitor came upon this dilemma and gave the best answer: Pickleball!


It’s the new singles bar! According to his post,

“I've lived in my town for 13 years. Only talked to a few neighbors. Discovered Pickleball last summer, and everything changed.

"I've made scores of friends, not only in my town, but from towns all over north NJ. No prior experience necessary, AND it's great cardio.

"It's the fastest growing sport in the US for many reasons. One of the main reasons is, I can have the same amount of fun and cardio playing with my 7 year old kid, as I would with a 77 year old, and every age in between.

"Stranger to stranger, TRUST ME. Pickleball is the answer of many of the problems facing this country.”

Overstating? Perhaps. But the fact remains that people ARE meeting people on the pickleball court. A LOT of people.

According to the pickler.com it’s a natural way to make friends.

Adobe Express
Adobe Express

You often sign up for play, and meet first time partners on the court. Schedules change and so you’re meeting new people all the time.

One of the best parts about the sport of pickleball is meeting new people and being social with the pickleball community.

Anyone who plays pickleball knows that it is an addictive sport. Which makes it even better because you’re playing so often it gives you so many more opportunities to meet new people.

Even the New York Times back in January told the story of a self-professed pickleball “addict” who flew 47 times last year and brought her pickleball paddle with her on 36 of those trips, traveling around the world and meeting new pickleball friends.

Adobe Express
Adobe Express

Pickleball websites, apps, Instagram and LinkedIn helped her find competition — and new friends — away from home, opening doors in distant places.

And, even if you’ve never liked a sport before, pickle ball aficionados insist, you will like THIS.

So it sounds like a no-brainer. Watch a couple of YouTube videos, learn the rules, buy a paddle and sign up at your local pickleball court or club. Especially with spring just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to meet some new pickleball pals.


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