We've certainly had a rough hurricane season from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but unfortunately it's not ever yet. Tropical storm Jose is churning up in the Atlantic Ocean, making it's way westward. The latest updates have reported that whether or not it makes landfall, it poses a threat to us on the East coast... One of those threats so far are worsening rip currents.

According to SNJ Today, rip currents along the Jersey Shore will worsen over the weekend due to Tropical Storm Jose. Officials are cautioning people to refrain from swimming in the ocean unless a lifeguard is on duty and to keep your eyes peeled for signs of rip currents:

  • Change in water color
  • Choppy surfaces
  • Floating objects like seaweed and debris flowing steadily seaward
  • Break in wave pattern

Rip currents are highly dangerous and can sweep you away very quickly, so it's important to remember that if you're ever caught in one, DON'T fight it. Stay calm and call for help. And if you can, swim parallel to the shoreline until you've escaped the current's pull. If you can't do that, float to conserve energy and wait until help arrives.

But hopefully it goes without saying that it's probably best to stay out of the water until the storm is no longer a threat.

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