If you're planning on heading back to the Atlantic City Beach for today's concert, here are a few things to expect.


Live Nation will open the 'doors' around noon.  Ashley Monroe is opening up for Rascal Flatts at 4PM.


Because of Sunday's crowd issues, today's show will have two additional general admission entrances. An updated site map will also be available today.


Bring your usual beach gear such as a towel, beach chair, and cooler.  You can also bring one sealed bottle of water, but no outside alcohol is allowed.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring an umbrella or poncho either.  Townsquare Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow called for a mostly cloudy day ahead, with a chance of thunderstorms by this afternoon.


The stage will remain at the same location as the Maroon 5 show.  If you payed for tickets at let's say zone 2, I would suggest to get there early so you get the concert experience you payed for.  Otherwise, you might be squeezing your way up to your 'seats'.


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