"Haha" is right, since Mondays are a sick joke. They're the worst.

Are they not? First of all, the anxiety sets in at about 3 p.m. on Sunday night, so you're already going into your week in the negatives because you're already exhausted from worrying about your week too early.

Well, Joe and Jahna are offering you some Monday Morning Inspiration. Joe asked you on his Facebook page to give us two words that would most definitely get you to 5 p.m. You offered some gems, here.

Most of them had to deal with coffee, but we've featured the best 4 phrases that epitomize what it feels like to be a passenger on the Monday struggle bus:

  • 1

    Dollar Coffee

    Somebody posted a picture of Wawa's $1 coffee campaign. Hilarious. They're not wrong, though. If I knew that a dollar Wawa coffee was in my near future, that would definitely add some pep to my step.

  • 2

    Snooze Button

    Yep, if there's one day of the week you'll most likely press snooze, it's today. Even though it might be the worst thing you can do, chances are you still pressed it this morning.

  • 3

    Keep Swimming

  • 4

    Nap Time

    Yeah, this one's pretty much a given. Monday should be renamed "Nap Day" since all we want to do is go back to sleep.

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