The Food and Drug Association released scary news about moldy tattoo ink that may make you reconsider getting your next tattoo.As someone who just got her 11th tattoo about a month ago, this news was pretty effing scary. After almost 400 incidents involving mold-infested tattoo ink between 2004 and 2016, the FDA has updated their guidelines.

Their two main guidelines?: watch out for less than clean tattoo parlors, and contaminated ink. But, this is easier said than done.

While doing your research is a very important precaution to take, ensuring tattoo ink is uncontaminated isn't so easy. Allure says, the FDA doesn't regulate tattoo ink because it is used for "cosmetic purposes." Although tattoo ink can be sealed, and labeled "sterile," there's no way of knowing for sure. To make matters worse - some inks have the same pigments as printer toner and car paint.

Moldy ink can result in nasty scarring, rashes, and serious medical problems. If you get a tattoo, and a problem like this occurs it's best to contact your doctor or dermatologist.

Most importantly, regardless of mold-infested tattoo ink, you should ALWAYS research your artist and tattoo parlor. If this is your first tattoo and need some help - this site helped me when I first got mine.

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