AMC's hit show is back this Sunday (October 7th) and has a lot to prove.

I first got into watching TWD at Season 3 (I still thank my friend for that), and haven't stopped watching since. I would say from Seasons 3-5, maybe 6, was the show at it's peak. I'm talking writing, casting, directing, visuals, so on. I add Season 6 because it received very mixed reviews among it's hardcore fans.

But now we are all the way into Season 9 of 'The Walking Dead,' and many people feel the show has changed and gone into a completely different direction.

People that I talk to say this will be final season that they watch because it's just fallen off that bad, and unfortunately I think I may be in the same boat. I didn't want to be, especially with the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, but even that couldn't save it for me.

And now with news that lead Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes on the show) is leaving this season and only appearing in a rumored 6 episodes, they will be a major change in tone. And he isn't the only major character leaving as well. Lauren Cohan, who plays fan-favorite Maggie, will be leaving as well. That's two major character leaving in what could the show's most crucial season. And the repetitive story-telling of the show has gotten stale for quite a few season, which doesn't help.

A lot of viewers, myself included, always seem to fall into the classic 'Walking Dead' trap each episode:

  1. First 5 minutes: Ominous, vague opening and plot tease
  2. Next 35 minutes: Irrelevant, non-essential character conversations not relevant to the plot. And way over-exaggerated, and irrelevant, character decisions.
  3. Last 5 minutes: Important plot details/events/etc., usually resulting with a cliffhanger.

Tell me I'm wrong?

Yet somehow I am always sucked back in and convince myself to give the show one more season.

Some say that the void left by Maggie and Rick on the show will be somewhat filled and balanced with characters like Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa Mcbride), and Negan (Dean Morgan). But we will just have to see.

But will watch the Season 9 premiere on Sunday? You bet. Do I have high hopes that show turns it around? Yet to be decided...

'The Walking Dead' returns Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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