The first trailer for the upcoming The Walking Dead movie premiered last week at Comic Con in San Diego and fans in our area were excited to see an image of the Philadelphia skyline in the first few seconds. says that a trilogy of The Walking Dead movies are being planned.  The films will continue the story of character Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln.  Lincoln left the TV series during Season 9.

SPOILER ALERT --- Do not read any further if you have not seen Season 9 of The Walking Dead.

New York Comic Con 2018 - Day 3
Andrew Lincoln, Getty Images for New York Comic

Rick Grimes was last seen being airlifted away from a riverbank after being injured blowing up a bridge filled with walkers.

Viewers are assuming, based on the movie trailer, that Grimes is on his way to Philadelphia.  There's no word on whether or not any parts of the movie will be shot in or around the city.  There's also currently no release date for the film.

You can check out The Walking Dead's official website here.

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