So Betty White is 90-years-young, has won back-to-back Screen Actors Guild awards as Best Female Performance in a Comedy Series ("Hot In Cleveland"), has a Emmy for her SNL appearance within the last 2 years, is seemingly more popular now than ever, so iit should not shock you when you see her pop up with anybody - even Rock royalty.

That picture you see is not trick photography - that is Betty White with the legendary guitarist and former Guns 'N Roses member Slash.  Looks like an odd coupling, but they are banded together for their love of animals.  Betty White has had a long love affair with pets, and has worked for numerous organizations over the years.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Zoo for over 35 years.

Seeing White doing a commercial for the L.A. Zoo is no surprise, but seeing Slash there is a shock........or is it?  Slash happens to be a big-time animal lover, has a soft spot for reptiles, is also a L.A. Zoo board member and like many has fallen for the charm of Betty White.

Word was the chemistry on the set shooting this spot was so good that between takes Slash had his head on Betty's shoulder.  Check out this Odd Couple for yourself:

Listen for Betty White's voice as Grandma Norma in The Lorax coming to theaters this Friday.

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