It's the middle of August which means people are already starting get out their Halloween decorations and are gearing up for the release of everything pumpkin-flavored.

I absolutely LOVE the fall, don't get me wrong. Personally, though.... I like to make summer last for as long as I possibly can. However, the memes are already circulating between all social media platforms demonstrating how the hardcore spooky-season-obsessed are chomping at the bit for beach season to come to an end. They're already making room for spiderwebs, apple cider donuts, and Disney's Hocus Pocus.

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Every girl loves the fall. Whether your here for all the Halloween festivities, the food, or the fall fashion, even if you will be sad to say so long to summer, you're excited about at least one aspect of the autumn season. I definitely could use a few more beach days before the barbecues and fireworks all disappear til next year, but I'd be lying if I said I don't turn into the most basic once mid-September rolls around.

You know fall is right around the corner when all the women in your life start gearing up for these bad boys:

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