The vote is NO.

In a unanimous vote Wednesday evening, the Egg Harbor City Council rejected a plan to redevelop the city's historic lake park.

The city council held a special meeting Wednesday at the Egg Harbor City Community School to discuss and vote on the proposed redevelopment plans. 

Wednesday's vote killed a proposal that would have allowed Tackle Direct of Egg Harbor Township, a fishing outfitting company, to build a warehouse at the lake.

The meeting’s purpose was to discuss findings and recommendations of the land use board following a council-initiated study. The study found the city’s lake park is in need of redevelopment.

In order for the project to move forward, the area needed to be considered in need of redevelopment based on a survey of the area.

For the many residents of Egg Harbor City who had rallied against this proposal, Wednesday's council decision was a sweet victory.
Those voicing an opinion of Facebook after the meeting took satisfaction in the vote and the council's decision process.
"It’s so amazing that they voted it down tonight, I think they realized they had a fight on their hands and the public felt very strongly about this and the public wasn’t gonna give up enjoy their beautiful lake, wildlife, swimming, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking, bird watching, and many other things nature related that are so much better and wholesome than a tackle warehouse!
"This was a great example of how Democracy works. This was actually the second public meeting on this and I was happy to see so many people come out and speak. I encourage everyone to take an active role in our city's government and let's work together to make EHC a place we are all proud of."
"Thank you to the council for listening to the residents and voting no!"
"I’m so glad council held the vote tonight. ... the way council and the public handled themselves tonight was very impressive. Almost everyone who spoke respected the mic and the time allotment and there was very little bickering. Council listened, and spoke their opinions. Members listened to the public and honored their duty to the community
This meeting should be a model for proper public engagement and discourse. I can’t thank everyone enough for respecting one another and doing the right thing"
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