A Saints season ticket holder decided to make the trip to Philadelphia for the first time to catch his team in the playoffs.  Once his team won in nail-biting fashion, one Eagles fan decided to show his emotions...


by spitting right in his face..

(Warning: Foul language heard at the end of the video.  Please be advised.  NSFW!)



The visiting fan's name is Nick Scelfo, and in a statement he said 'I hate that one guy has to ruin it for the thousands of great, classy, intelligent and loyal Eagles fans that the city possesses.  This was my first time in Philly and I can't say whether I'll be back or not. It's a bit ridiculous to have people act like that.' (NBC 10)


While I think the unknown spitting Eagles fan was out completely out of line; a part of me also thinks that if you're a screaming Saints fan, sitting with thousands of Eagles fans during a playoff game, and you obnoxiously keep screaming in victory while filming disgruntled Eagles fans to be put on YouTube, something is bound to happen.


Just my thought, what's yours? Feel free to comment below.....



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