You really have no idea how loved a movie is until a studio announces plans to reboot it — such is the case with Jumanji, the 1995 film starring Robin Williams, which performed pretty well at the box office but didn’t leave a big impression on critics and (adult) audiences. But reactions to Dwayne Johnson’s new Jumanji movie offer a valuable lesson in the power of nostalgia, as fans have been quick to cry foul on the reboot. Johnson has heard you, and not only is he committed to making the best reboot possible, but he’s also found a “cool” way to honor the memory of Robin Williams.

That should cover all the bases, right? In a previous Instagram post, Johnson told fans of the original film not to worry because he had no plans of messing things up with this Jumanji reboot. His latest (and much lengthier) update goes a bit further, specifically addressing those negative reactions to the reboot, which could sully the sanctity of the 1995 movie — or something. Fans seem particularly protective of the original film now that Williams is sadly no longer with us, and Johnson is going to address that, too:

While you probably won’t ever have the oily biceps or perfect smile of one Mr. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you can take comfort knowing that you have at least one thing in common: a shared affection for Robin Williams. And if you were a fan of Jumanji back in the day, then you and Dwayne Johnson have at least two things to talk about. Congratulations. This is a big day for you.

Also of note in Johnson’s latest Insta-update: we should have some casting updates this week. Kevin Hart was previously in talks for a role, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Johnson convinced his Fast & Furious fam to make a Jumanji reboot. Watching Vin Diesel outrun a rhino sounds like a pretty cool time.

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