If you're a fan of superhero movies, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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The company All Home Connections, affiliated with AT&T, is hiring one lucky fan to review six female-fronted superhero movies with a paycheck of $1,000.

courtesy Marvel Studios via imdb
courtesy Marvel Studios via imdb

While this offer if tempting, I don't know if $1,000 is enough to pay me to watch Catwoman or Elektra again, lol. But if you're a superhero junkie, particularly of the Girl Power variety, you can apply below, and go over the terms, conditions, and complete rules.

According to attsavings.com, the winner will be required to create a video review for each of the six movies, sharing their honest opinions. Ya know, like 2004's Catwoman was a giant pile of donkey doo. No offense, Halle Berry.

I love that female superheroes are being given this kind of spotlight. I wish there were more contests like this one devoted to them. Good luck!

SOURCES: attsavings.com; Press release sent to SoJO 104.9 via All Home Connections

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