It's beginning to look a lot like Black Friday 2015. Here's a few things to keep in mind before you shop till you drop.Major retailers are pulling out all the stops to lure you into purchasing a Black Friday mega-deal.

USA Today reports, according  to a new study from Nerd Wallet many Black Friday 2015 deals are exactly the same as 2014.  The study also shows that 76% of us will shop at least 4.5 hours between Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Be on the look out for stores that  inflate the “original” price of an item,  to make the Black Friday mega deal seem much bigger. This is how a retailer can claim an item is up to 70% off than the regular price.

Many stores will have different "original" prices which can also inflate the so called discount. Also keep in mind if you do get shut out on that mega-deal, many Black Friday deals will be offered more than just once a year.

Nerd Wallet also suggests that you always compare prices with different retailers, look for free shipping deals if you shop online and use price protection if you're using your credit cards.





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