Until Bryce Harper cranked that awesome home run, Jalen Hurts may have been the most popular athlete in Philidelphia.

That recognition may be about to be headed toward a drain near you.

Get this:

Jalen Hurts, the quarterback who's leading the Philadelphia Eagles through a (so far) undefeated football season, wants the Philidelphia Phillies - the World Series bound Philadelphia Phillies to ----- lose!

Say it ain't so Jalen!

Well, it is so.

Jalen Hurts is from Houston, and his heart is with the Astros.

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This isn't the first time Hurts has shown off his hometown allegiance:

Now, these photos aren't from this week, and Hurts has been seen wearing Phillies swag now and then. Honestly, though, you gotta respect a guy who stays loyal to his hometown team, right? We just hope your Astros curl up and die, Jalen, that's all. Go Phillies! 

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