Halloween is ALWAYS celebrated on October 31st, whether we like it or not. But, what if we celebrated only on Saturdays? There now a petition for that.

Now, in South Jersey we already set up safe trick or treats, trunk or treats, and trick-or-treating times to make sure everyone has their fun. Just imagine if we could do away with all of this and celebrate Halloween like we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday in November, it's easy to remember and (most of us) get the next day off. Why not do this for Halloween?

This is the same question Time.com asks.

Time points out, it's annoying to celebrate on a school or work night, and it's a headache for teachers to deal with candy-crazed children the next day. According to petitioners, 'Orange Saturday' would be:

"in the interests of parents, in the interests of teachers in the interests of the wild-eyed, sugar-wired children themselves, let’s have no more Orange Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays."

Could this be in the end of Halloween as we know it? Okay, okay definitely being dramatic.

I do prefer that it remains on October 31st. I have always managed to celebrate and never had an issue...then again I don't have children.

Should we move Halloween to Saturday instead of only celebrating on October 31st?

Let us know what you think!

Also if you're interested in signing the petition, visit here.