Everyone has one... an all time favorite breakfast cereal. But, growing up, do you remember THIS cereal?


What did you eat before heading off to school? I'll tell ya what I ate as a little guy, the crispy sweet corn and oats of Quaker Mr. T Cereal.


Yes, as an 8 yr old, I thought I would soon have arms as big as Mr. T if kept eating this sugary goodness in my cereal bowl.



But let's be honest, the only REAL reason you opened a cereal box was because you wanted the PRIZE that was buried deep in the bottom.   It was like digging for treasure!  One of my fondest childhood memories was trying to collect all of the glow in the dark Cap'n Crunch toys that I can find.  There were many boxes of Cap'n Crunch and Crunch Berries that were opened.





Now, who remembers THIS.....







Kellogg's C3PO Cereal provided the 10 essential vitamins and minerals needed for the day.


It also tasted like CRAP.


Regardless, the only essential thing about this breakfast was owning the C3PO mask, which was stored in every box.