This may be a personal question, but how is your wallet holding up these days? It definitely took a beating over the last few years, didn't it?

First, the pandemic basically ripped everyone to shreds here in South Jersey. This region's economy was rocked, and that's saying the absolute least you possibly can about the situation. It took a long time for people to start getting back on their feet. Truth be told, some people are still working on getting back to normal with their finances.

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That's why the most recent news out of Galloway Township will be a relief to a lot of parents within that school district. A recent Facebook post shared by the Galloway Schools page has confirmed that those who were worried about a potential increase in school lunch prices can breathe a sigh of relief. That is, at least for the remainder of the school year.

The post reveals that because of a grant from the USDA, the district is able to freeze school lunch prices for the preschools, elementary schools, and middle school through June 2023. Now, that doesn't mean the prices will stay this cheap next year, but at least for now, you won't have to pay much of anything to make sure your kid has something to eat during their school day. The Board of Education agreed to freeze the prices at their last board meeting of 2022 back in December.

School lunches are set to remain at $1 per day until the end of this school year. Check out the post yourself below.

Source: Facebook

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