There are extreme similarities between Taylor Swift's new music video and an ad for a fragrance by design house Kenzo. See if you can spot them.

In the extended television spot for Kenzo's perfume World, which stars actress Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers), there is a woman who seems to be faking her happiness among a room full of people, a green dress, and interpretive dancing inside an art deco-inspired hotel. Sound familiar? It's essentially how Taylor Swift's music video for her new single 'Delicate' begins. Taylor fakes the same smile, takes advantage of her invisibility and dancing like no one's watching in a long green dress, all filmed in what looks like the same hotel from the Kenzo add. Just a couple comparisons I picked up. I've posted both clips below so you can judge for yourself. But in Taylor's defense, the premise for 'Delicate' could have come from director Joseph Kahn.

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