A stretch of land next to CVS on White Horse Pike and Jimmie Leeds Rd. in Galloway has been cleared and construction is underway. So, what's going there?

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While there is an engineering trailer at the location and bulldozers on site, there's no sign yet indicating what will be built. Rumor or reality, residents of the area seem to have some intel, according to Galloway Township Happenings Facebook page.

Some say it'll be a Chick-fil-A (DANGEROUS! That would be close enough for me to walk to, lol.). Others seem to think a Wendy's is coming. There was some speculation that it could be another Super Wawa, but I think that's going up in Egg Harbor City at the corner of White Horse Pike and Philadelphia Ave. Plus, there's a Super Wawa, like, half a mile from this space next to CVS, at W. Horse Pike and Wrangleboro Rd.

If you know for sure what's coming to this piece of land in Galloway, let us know in the comments below. Check out some photos of the progress that's being made next to CVS, and some of the comments posted on Facebook.

What's Coming Next to CVS Galloway?

Until I get confirmation of the business or businesses intended for this space, I'll be watching it like a hawk! I'm nosy like that, lol.

SOURCES: Galloway Twp. Happenings/Facebook

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