It's just not the same without you.

Let me start off by saying that I think Fall is okay, but Summer, no one can replace you.

I miss the days of driving on the road with the windows down, blasting our favorite songs on the radio. It was truly a lot of fun. Letting our skin show when we went outside, wearing loose, comfortable clothing made the day all the better. That all eventually led to getting a nice tan. Oh how I miss the days.

I miss how we could spend the on the boardwalk, smelling the ocean air, eating some boardwalk food or enjoy a nice cold drink, and looking at all the smiles on everyone's faces. I miss the feeling of the sun on my forehead at 8 p.m. the most. I'm not down with this getting dark at 5 p.m. thing at all.

But when it did get dark in the summer the fun only begun. Late nights whether it was at boardwalk, club, or concert was where it was at. Speaking of, something about summer concerts are just so magical in and of itself. You can totally feel the vibe throughout the venue, under the starry sky.

And last but not least, no school!

So please come back soon. I have horrible separation anxiety.



Jv Joe

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