The countdown is on for ABC to begin the hype around one of its biggest shows on their roster.  Good Morning America will make the official announcement Tuesday morning on who will take part in Season 14 of Dancing With The Stars, and the closer we get to this moment the more the rumors about the cast intensifies.

Dozens of websites are prognosticating about who will submit themselves to the ballroom, thousands have submitted their opinions to ABC, and yet we seem surprise once they announce who is in for Dancing.  Not easy lining up "Stars" to go through the physical demand that this show does require.  Yes the show has been a good stepping stone for some to get back in the spotlight, but ABC has been maligned over the last few years for not attracting so-called A-List Hollywood talent.

Should the rumors hold true, the line-up could contain a very solid group with name recognition (if not Hollywood elite).  Most websites seem to agree about this group for this season:

Dolly Parton, Gavin DeGraw, Regis Philbin, Paula Deen, J. Woww ("Jersey Shore") and one of the Kardashian clan.

Should the rumors hold here, then ABC has nabbed a solid start for Season 14.  When you break it down you'll see that the Food Network's biggest star needs to do this after her slight snafu over her diabetes - making Deen the potential health rehab story, then you have a retired talk show host who has been comfort food for TV watchers for about 40 years (and Regis is in solid health at age 80), along with the reality show and magazine cover girl with Jennifer Farley.

DeGraw is the biggest lock of this group as word seem to slip out about Gavin's entry into Dancing through another singing artist.  Solid resume of hit songs, with a genuine likeability about him should make him fun to watch (if not an early contender).

The Kardashian in question have ranged from Khole, to mama Kris, and hubby Bruce Jenner.  The obvious pick would be Khloe because of her reality show spinoff with Lamar Odom, but you can bet after 2 past family members on the show, and this group always looking for the camera, somebody from the family will be in.

Other rumors are circulating, but what is the reality of some?

Giuliana Rancic - The E! News anchor who is a fixture on the Red Carpet with her interviews, plus has the Style Network's highest rated show (Giuliana & Bill) may not in any shape after a double mastectomy only about 3 months ago.  PREDICTION: Not likely.

Tim Tebow - The "buzz" name from the National Football League was a huge news-maker for taking the Denver Broncos from nowhere into the playoffs, often with last minute heroics to set up victories.  He is the biggest star from the past NFL season, but has still much to prove that he is not a creation of the media.  PREDICTION: ABC is hoping Tebow will take a leap of faith, but look for him to act on the side of safety so he may be taken more seriously.  Remember that 1 season does not a career make.

Perez Hilton - The celebrity blogger and Countdown host (hear his show Sunday mornings on SoJO 104.9) has recently seen on The Voice to spur on a friend.  Shy of attention?  Not Perez!  PREDICTION: If the offer is there, Hilton will jump, but why has there not been a bigger buzz surrounding him here?

Some names that have been swirling have also included former presidential hopefuls Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain, along with N.Y. Giants receiver Victor Cruz, Eagles quarterback Vince Young, and Queen Latifah.  Facts here are that Bachmann is running for re-election for her Congressional seat, Cain has turned ABC down, so has Cruz, and Young seemed to be in but then removed a tweet reflecting that he may be on board.

That leaves Latifah, who would be a major coo for the show.  A successful movie actress and Cover Girl model who has seen the A-List.  She may not be as hot as she once was, but she's a significant Hollywood name.  Should she say yes, figure Dolly had something to do with it (they became close after working on Joyful Noise).

Where else could Dancing With the Stars go for talent this time?  There seems to be a formula going with the show that works.  Breaking down the formula we may find just who could be on board for Season 14:

1) Athletes with personality -- we have seen the likes of Emmit Smith and Heinz Ward win the Mirror Ball Trophy in the past, watched Kurt Warner charm the audience, and last season Ron Artest debut his new name (Mecca World Peace).  The obvious choice should have been Terrell Owens, but he seems more focused playing Indoor Football in Texas.  Without Tebow there may not be a major name from football to jump in this time.  How about going down the skating angle?  Success has been had by Kristi Yamagucci and Evan Lysacek in the past!   Scott Hamilton anyone?  WILD THOUGHT: Former #1 women's tennis star Martina Hingis (she can redeem herself after her last place finish the UK version of the show a couple of years ago).

2) Comic Relief -- Last season it was Carson Kressley and David Arquette, and the past has brought people like Jeffrey Ross and Cloris Leachman.  The person to fill this mode the best has to be the woman who has passed on this numerous times - Jenny McCarthy.  She has passed because of the lack of A-List talent, but when was she on the A-List (B-List OK, but A?)  WILD THOUGHT: Pee Wee Herman (tell me you are not smiling over thios idea?)

3) Past teen idol status - Ricki Lake had this honor last season, Donny Osmond was a past winner, and Tatum O'Neal helped resurrect her career with her stint.  The 90210 well has served the show well in the past (Ian Ziering and Jenny Garth), and Tori Spelling seems ripe for the show this time.  WILD THOUGHT: Luke Perry would be the better play from the Beverly Hills show, and he will make the women very happy.

4) "Pop Star" - DeGraw has this spot for this season, but should you want another how about Robin Thicke?  Could use some positive news after his recent marijuana bust, he does have an awesome new song ("Love After War" - Top-10 R&B Hit currently), plus he has famous parents and wife (Paula Patton).  WILD THOUGHT: Paula Abdul is unemployed again, but would she be too much of a ringer?

5) Reality TV Stars - Between the Kardashians and Jersey Shore, ABC has this one covered (no Wild Thought necessary)

6) Headline Grabbing Names - Chaz Bono was this story last season.  Tebow would cover this, and the political word as you saw earlier have spurned them.  If former Congresswoman Gabrielle Griffiths was in better shape she would be a Slam Dunk for the show. WILD THOUGHT: Jamie Lee Curtis.  She may be the Activia lady, but she has a career in Hollywood that has A-List credentials, and her recent guest spot on NCIS made news and big ratings for the show.

7) Taking care of the network’s own (ABC, ESPN, Disney) – J.R. Martinez from All My Children was the story and winner last season.  Lost of good choices for the company could choose: Nick Jonas, Taye Diggs (Private Practice), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), and Nathan Fillion (Castle) could all work here.  WILD THOUGHT: Demi Lovato would fit here (Disney girl), and Pop Star, plus she grabbed headlines last year for her personal issues..

Lots of ideas to ponder, and more rumors to come before Tuesday.  Who do you think would be a good choice for Dancing With The stars this season?