We're melting! A batch of baby penguins have arrived at Adventure Aquarium along Camden Waterfront.

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These baby penguins barely look REAL! They look like little stuffed animals. They're the most adorable things ever and they now call Adventure Aquarium home. Talk about the cutest Mother's Day ever!

The five blue penguins (reportedly the world's smallest species of penguin) are newly hatched and tiny, each weighing about 2 pounds, according to 6abc.com.

And, in case you were wondering, yes! The baby blues do have names, but they're not all siblings! Only two are related. They just all happened to hatch around the same time.

The four female penguins are Siren, Fairy, Pixie and Phoenix, and the lone male baby penguin is called Griffin.
They all recently got their first swimming lesson, which you can watch below thanks to a tweet by the aquarium.

The Adventure Aquarium's Bird and Mammal Team tells 6abc the five baby blue penguins are the largest group of hatchlings in the last four breeding seasons COMBINED!

Are we to refer to them as 'pandemic penguins'?

They baby blue's habitat at Adventure Aquarium has been adjusted to match conditions in Phillip Island, Australia, the species native environment, 6abc.com reports.

I hope I get to visit these babies soon while they're all furry and snuggly-looking. It'll probably be so much cuteness overload I'll hardly be able to stand it. They just make me smile so much.

Hey, remember that time I swam in the shark tank at Adventure Aquarium, and stingrays, too? Check out some video below!

Congrats to the whole Adventure Aquarium staff on welcoming these new penguins into the world.

Adventure Aquarium hours of operation are subject to change. Click here for more info.

SOURCES: Adventure Aquarium/Twitter6abc.com

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