For some fans, tailgate parties before Philadelphia Eagles games are as big a game day tradition as going to the games themselves. But fans going to Super Bowl 52 can forget about tailgating before Eagles and Patriots do battle on Sunday.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when asked if tailgate parties would be allowed in parking lots around U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, the Minneapolis chief of police said simply "No."

“This will be a very contained, secured perimeter area,” he said. “So the traditional Philly tailgate, unfortunately, unless they do it by the hotels, we don’t see any. And that’s for the Patriots fans, too. There’s just going to be so much going on in front of U.S. Bank Stadium.”

Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesman, said the Super Bowl experience will not allow for a tailgate, let alone the marathon tailgate experience of Eagles fans.


“No flames, one spot per customer,” he said. “This stadium, there’s not much tailgating in regular-season games. It’s a different set-up.”

Wednesday's security briefing covered issues much more serious than tailgating, such as monitoring terrorism-recruitment networks, human trafficking, counterfeit scams, and other issues associated with staging a large-scale event like a Super Bowl.

Sorry, Eagles Fans, no tailgating.  What's next, no fight song singing?  E-A-G-L-E-S.  Better get it out of our system early, huh?

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