Very early Sunday morning, a meteor was captured on video in streaking across the sky over Gloucester County.

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Now, I used to be an extreme night owl, but its rare if I'm up past midnight anymore. On the other hand, I'm also not the best early riser. So the fact that I have FOMO over this video footage is my own darn fault, lol.

A woman named Ally, who goes by ALLYTI on Twitter, was able to film stunning images a meteor over Glassboro. It's visibility was extremely bright.

According to, almost 150 reports were received by the American Meteor Society from people along the eastern seaboard regarding this same meteor's appearance.

An Action News viewer captured a meteor streaking through the sky over Glassboro early Sunday morning.

Giant Asteroid on Track to Miss Earth

@carlyytee on Twitter
You may remember that late last week, a couple days before Ally saw this meteor, us telling you that a
giant asteroid was going to fly by

SOURCES: 6abc Action News/Facebook;; LIVEFASTDIEAWSM/Twitter; ALLYTI/Twitter; carlyytee/Twitter

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