Smoke `em if you got `em - and, if you don't got `em, a company says it will now deliver it to you, anywhere in New Jersey within 24 hours or so.

The "it" is weed, pot, marijuana.

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It's now legal in the Garden State, you know.

Well, legal to possess in small amounts, not necessarily legal to openly buy and sell.

A company is trying to bypass that little fact by giving you a "free optional gift" from your delivery driver.

Smooth, right?

The company is called "Slumped Kitchen", and it has it's own website that you can (the company claims) legally order your next batch of pot.

So, here's how they're doing it. They have 3 different "munchie packs" that you can order, and the driver will "gift you" 14g of "Flower." For the "Cookie Munchie Pack", you get 30 snack-size snacks for the low price of $125.00. Don't forget, your driver will also "gift you" your flower. If you choose to accept the option, of course.

So... wait... is this really legal?

Well, we won't tell you it's legal (our attorneys say we want no part in proclaiming that), but they will! From their website:

YES! This is 100% legal. We operate ONLY within the state of New Jersey! We follow all state laws that went into effect on Jan. 1st 2021. Please check and read up on the laws here.

They also stress on their website that they are NOT selling marijuana:

The answer is NO! We do not sell any cannabis products. We sell tasty treats such as brownies and cookies AND our drivers have the "option" to gift you up to 28g of flower as per NJ State Law that went into effect on Jan. 1st 2021.

Wink, wink.

SOURCE: Slumped Kitchen

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