File this one under, "why didn't I think of that?"

A New Jersey brewery has taken the now famous meme of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sitting in a beach chair and turned it into a beer.

Let me refresh your memory about the circumstances of the meme.

Back in 2019, Gov. Christie was photographed sitting in his beach chair with some family on the beach at Island Beach State Park over the July 4th weekend, after he had ordered the beach closed that weekend because of a state budget standoff.

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The photo went viral x 100, quickly turning into a meme that showed the former NJ Gov photoshopped with Bernie Sanders, the Statue of Liberty, Forest Gump, King Kong, the fly on Mike Pence's hair, and, well, I could literally go on all night.

This summer, Icarus Brewing Co. of Lakewood, NJ, took that Christie meme and used it as the inspiration for a new blonde ale called "Private Beach." The can comes complete with an illustration of an animated guy who looks a lot like Gov. Chris Christie, thunder thighs and all.

I should say the can came with that funny enough to make you blow your beer out your nose illustration.

We're heading into our Labor Day Weekend can release and we know sometimes beach access is hard to come by. To ensure you're not completely shut out, we canned up a Brand New American Blonde Ale: Private Beach!

***EDIT: Private Beach has sold out as of Sunday 9/5***


Icarus Brewing debuted their Private beach 4-packs on Sept. 1, but they had sold out of Private beach by Sept. 5, four days later!

Well, at least we still have the photo of the can to appreciate and share with our friends, even if we can't share a can of Private Beach with them.

I'm not sure I really want to really drink a beer inspired by Chris Christie in a beach chair, anyway.

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