I'm actually sympathizing with Governor Chris Christie today because I once made the same mistake. Both of us were unaware of something called the 'quiet car' on Amtrak trains, and both of us got into trouble for being too noisy.

Christie spokeswoman Samantha Smith says the Governor accidentally took a seat in the quiet car en route from Washington Sunday morning. Christie admits to talking on his cell phone, angering nearby passengers. He was alerted to his infraction by the train's conductor, and Christie ended his call and relocated to the cafe car.

The cardinal rule of the 'quiet car' on Amtrak is to maintain an essentially library-like atmosphere. I got the business given to me after I was carrying on a loud conversation with a fellow passenger. I felt like an idiot but I'll never make that mistake again. I never even knew something called a 'quiet car' even existed. I guess I'm not a very seasoned traveler, lol.

Governor Christie has apologized for his actions, 6abc.com reports.

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