We all know Chris Brown is a phenomenal dancer but can he compete with acrobatic b-boys from Los Angeles? It seems so. The crooner was spotted Saturday (Dec. 3) dancing with some breakdancers at Beacher’s Madhouse located at the Roosevelt Hotel. Thankfully, it was captured on video for our enjoyment.

The clip features an array of flexible b-boys doing aerial moves onstage that are quite impressive. We are surprised that no one broke a limb or cracked a skull during their performance. If you jump to the 2-minute mark you will see Brown hopping up onstage as he gets ready to join in on the fun.

Once the stage is cleared Brown is in full b-boy mode. Breezy does a few dance steps before he jumps in the air and does an entire 360 spin with his body. He follows that with three windmills before finishing with a b-boy pose.

If you are unfamiliar with Beacher’s Madhouse, it’s a popular vaudeville show, which is famous for their performances by little people, burlesque dancers and contortionists. It’s a favorite hangout among celebrities like David Arquette and Paris Hilton.

According to the NYPost, Brown was in the house with a couple of leggy beauties and wanted to dance with the “little people.” There were no little people onstage, however, but the group’s performance was nothing “short” of amazing. “The crowd went nuts,” a source told the newspaper. Yeah, that s— was cray.

Watch Chris Brown Breakdance at Beacher’s Madhouse

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