Zendaya, Influential Teen, has become something of the go-to guru when it comes to social consciousness, weighing in on everything from maintaining self-confidence to cultural appropriation to body positivity. She's also steadily become a young style icon in the making with her many, many red carpet and fashion show appearances. But now, it's time to bring the focus back to her (often overshadowed!) talent as a singer.

"Something New" is a (probable) taste of what's to come from Z's forthcoming second studio album, which she's been working on for the past few years since her majorly underrated 2013 debut.

True to the title, this one signals a new direction for the "Replay" singer.

Co-produced by Babyface, the track pleasantly bops along atop an immediately recognizable sample of TLC's "Creep" as the singer slips into an experimental state of mind. Later on, Chris Brown joins Zendaya later on for some crooning, replicating melodies from the TLC original. "Girl, you know I need some affection!" (Admittedly, Zendaya really could have carried this whole thing by herself, but hey.)

"You ain't looking at nobody...just my body," she seduces, further proving that she's tackling more mature territory on her follow-up.

“This new album is kind of me talking about stuff that at this point I finally understand, and have been through and can speak about. It’s not super deep; it’s all around the ideas of love. Dealing with love for the first time and what that means to me has been a big part of the album,” she told Hunger back in November.

"Something New" is out now.

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