Since New Jersey passed a new law in 2012 to allow microbreweries and brewpubs to serve their products on-site, it brought a new wave of craft beer to develop into one of the coolest activities to do in South Jersey for locals and visitors.  These local breweries are small business owners with a passion for making their own beers and thanks to New Jersey's relaxing alcohol regulations over a decade ago, the state has seen a wave of new microbreweries opening up all over the state.

New Jersey has a deep history of successful breweries, winemakers, and distilleries so this opportunity to bring back a regional tradition that goes back to the 1760s. Before the American Revolution, George Washington had an apple orchard and asked the Laird Family in Monmouth County if he could get their recipe for Applejack Whiskey. Just a few years later, the man who would become the first President of the United States, Washington was selling his own "Cider" made from his apple harvest.

Cape May County is home to some of the best breweries that South Jersey has to offer, so I set out to visit each one, try their brews, and get a "lay of the land" of what the southernmost county in New Jersey has to offer:

Learn about Cape May County's Breweries (Alphabetical Order)

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