If you've ever taken a trip in the Channel 6 Philadelphia ZooBalloon you remember how awesome the views of both the zoo and the city skyline were.  Sadly, due to the amount of snow accumulation this winter, memories are all we'll have.  The balloon was supported approximately five to 10 tons of snow, according to 6abc.com.

One the recommendation of the balloon manufacturer the decision was made to deflate the contraption.

This type of balloon's life expectancy is about five to seven years, and this would have been it's final year had it been allowed to remain.

The zoo and WPVI staff were preparing for a final send-off celebration after Labor Day. However, due to this winter's extreme weather conditions, the balloon will no longer be operational.

The Channel 6 ZooBalloon was inaugurated in June 2002, and more than 225,000 zoo guests have flown in it.

Just Mother Nature ruining more of our fun.

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