This week on the SoJO Morning Show, we go to your pets with the questions.  What do they see in your house? What do they hear you say? What do they wish they didn't see you say or hear? While we may hear some crazy answers, this is all in honor of raising an important cause...



Granted, they can't talk to me over the phone, so you will have to do the talking.


This week, we're going to answer the question:  if this dog could talk, it would say______?


The Animal Welfare Association will be hosting the Paws and Feet 5K Run/Walk, Saturday May 18, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill! This will be an event where you and your pet can participate in various games (bobing for hot dogs, peanut butter lickin, costume contest, etc)


This will be a celebration of the non-profit organization's 65th anniversary, and it's free of charge.


The AWA operates the oldest and largest low-cost spay/neuter clinic, adoption center and no-kill animal shelter in South Jersey.  They rely solely upon local donations to fund their live-saving programs.  They do everything in their power for each animal that is brought in to find a home.


Throughout my life, I have owned many cats and dogs, most of them were found stranded.  Fortunately my family took them in, and they ended up living long and healthy lives.


One particular cat we found was barely hanging on to life, and incredibly skinny.  He ended up living 18 years, and was incredibly fat.



His name was E.G. (Edward G. Robinson) , and it was organizations like the AWA that helped save him.  When we found E.G., we visited three different vets.  The first two  advised to put him to sleep.



Will you help the AWA in their mission to continue  to help homeless animals in South Jersey?


You can read more about this exciting event, and how you can help the AWA here.