Jennifer in Galloway needs your advice on what to do about what she caught 2 people doing at her party that was inappropriate and embarrassing.

2 of her party guests were "GETTING IT ON", in her bathroom at the party.


Elena Elisseeva


The bathroom door was locked and she could clearly hear unmistakable noises. After about 10 minutes, the door opened and the couple came out of the bathroom. It was obvious what they were up to, Jennifer told us.

She says she kinda feels violated and is slightly offended that a party guest would do that in her house.

The couple live down the street from Jennifer, and she says they aren't really good friends with them, but they are friendly and have been to parties before within their mutual circle of friends.

What should Jennifer do about the couple? Should she confront them about what they did? Does she invite them to the next party she has? What if the couple invites Jennifer and her husband to a party?

Scroll down with you comment below or even better, let us know what Jennifer should do on our Facebook page, in the comment section. Thanks!

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