I'm not joking -- I really am in the new Britney Spears documentary that's on Hulu.

Many years ago (we're taking back in 2014 here) I had tried for quite some time to get tickets to be in the studio audience for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After many months of trying, I finally scored a pair and on the morning of September 9th, 2014, I made the trek to New York City for a day of fun.

Now, unlike a movie theater or a Broadway show, when you have tickets to a TV taping, you spend almost your entire day waiting in line after line after line -- but once you get in, it's a really cool experience.

On The Tonight Show that night were legendary musician Keith Richards, actress Debra Messing, and the band The Replacements -- not a bad line-up of celebrities.

Once the taping stared, Jimmy went through his monologue and then went over to his desk. The first skit of the show was Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Dating Britney Spears and without any build-up, Britney Spears walked out from behind the curtain to thunderous applause.

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Now, here's where I come in...

Right after she comes out from behind the curtain, there are a couple shots of the studio audience -- I'm in that shot towards the top of the theater (circled below).

Cat Country's Chris Coleman, appearing in the new Britney Spears documentary - Photo: YouTube user The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Is it that Britney appearance on The Tonight Show -- with the studio audience shot -- that made it into the new Britney Spears documentary, "Framing Britney Spears," that's currently on Hulu.

So, yes, I am in the new Britney Spears doc.

Here's Britney's full appearance on The Tonight Show from back in 2014...

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