Car catalytic converters are being stolen in New Jersey and all across America with increasing regularity for one simple reason.

It’s Rhodium, which is a key ingredient found in every car sold in the United States since 1975.

Rhodium has been described as the most precious metal on the planet. Yes, more valuable than gold, silver, or platinum.

A thin layer of rhodium coats the inside of every catalytic converter.

This is the reason why thieves all over America are sawing off catalytic converters. They get a few grams of the world’s most valuable metal.

During the process of writing this article, I reached out to Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain … not in his capacity as mayor, rather, as the owner of the Auto Plaza at English Creek and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Mayor Cain, it’s all too familiar with this theft that has been going on.

I have had customers who think that their exhaust tail pipe has fallen off their vehicle. We put the car on our lift and have to inform them that their car no longer has a catalytic converter on it. It’s a very serious Federal law. There are reporting requirements and failure to to follow the rules and regulations, warrants a very substantial five figure penalty.

Thieves crawl under your car and most likely use a portable sawzall and they cut away your catalytic converter.

According to Mayor Cain, this theft can be accomplished within minutes.

When it happens, you have an insurance claim that measures into the thousands of dollars.

Now you know why thieves are busy stealing catalytic converters.

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