I'm having a hard time trying to decide the answer.

Back in the 1990s, Tim Burton (you may have heard of him) came up with the brilliant idea to create a cult classic. 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' was released October 1993, and fans immediately fell in love with this stop-motion fantasy story.

The film has grown even more in popularity within the last 15 years, with the rise of pop culture stores like Hot Topic, FYE, Box Lunch, and more. Everyone just loves Jack x Sally.

But when it comes to determining if this is a movie that should be played during Halloween, Christmas, or both, is where things get hairy.

It totally depends on the person you are asking, some will sternly say it is a Halloween movie only, while others say it can be both.

Let's determine this once and for all with a list for and against it being a Halloween or Christmas movie.

For Halloween:

  • It is currently running part of Freeform's Halloween movie lineup
  • The main character Jack is the leader of a ghoulish, corpse-like, yet ironically lively, Halloween town.
  • The characters of said town are scary as #%&!!!
  • It's about Halloween!!! I mean the very first song you hear even tells you that!
  • The villain at the end is a spooky bag of worms ghost thingy! EVIL!

Okay, but what about Christmas?

Tim Burtons A Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Stills
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For Christmas:

  • Features Santa Claus, his elves, snow, and workshop.
  • Shows some classic Christmas movie themes like love, wonder, and awe.
  • It brings out Jack's childlike enthusiasm and casts aside his adult worries.
  • It hypes up how magically awesome Christmas is!

So after a long and hard thought about it, I decided that...







It is a Halloween movie! I really wanted to say it was a movie for both holidays but there was one big glaring problem with that. It is not featured in Freeform's annual 25 Days of Christmas TV schedule. That was the deal breaker which did it for me, because if it were then I would have a different opinion.

But what do you think, have a different opinion on this? Let us know in the comments!

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