South Jersey is home to many different landmarks, each with an interesting story to tell.

Some are more popular than others like Lucy the Elephant, the Absecon Lighthouse, or Morey's Piers. But there are a lot more throughout South Jersey than just those.

To bring about awareness of one of the lesser-known landmarks, we figured to make a game out of this. Below is a blurred out picture of a historical landmark here in South Jersey. Where exactly? Think coastal, and if we gave any more it would be a whole lot easier!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Got a good look at it?

Like we said, it's somewhere near the coast of South Jersey. One more hint? It's pretty south. But that's it!

Know what it is?





Have your thinking cap on?





Want a lifeline?





Got it yet?





Ok, time's up. Ready to see if you are right?

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you guessed the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in North Wildwood then you are absolutely correct! High-Five!

The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a pretty cool place to check out.

It was built back in 1874 and located on Five Mile Beach. It's open to the public and still functions as an active navigational aid that is overlooked by the United States Coast Guard. It is a great historic structure on the beach that people come to look at and learn. But it’s not the just the lighthouse that is amazing, it’s the area surrounding it. If you want to relax and just take it all in, the Lighthouse grounds are the place to be. Smell the fresh ocean air, and walk through the gardens that take you right up the seashore to the seawall at Hereford Inlet.

The best part is admission is free!

More information on the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse can be found here.

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