Have snow, will sculpt. Check out this giant bagel made entirely out of snow (complete with 'everything' seasoning) at a local café.

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What a great sense of humor my friends at Ellie's Café in Somerdale, Camden County have. It's not easy for small business owners to make the best out of a snow day, it can be a real hassle, but Ellie's owner Andy Park chose to get creative.

Park, who rises at the crack of dawn to get Ellie's Café up and running for the day, skipped right over the snowman and went straight for the snow bagel. Fresh baked bagels are one of Ellie's Cafe's specialties, by the way, so a snow bagel makes total sense.

courtesy Carla Park
courtesy Carla Park

Despite the multiple inches of snow that piled up in Somerdale, Ellie's was able to open and get to-go orders on the road. I can't help but think that it might be springtime before Somerdale's largest Everything Bagel snow sculpture manages to melt down.

Ellie's Café, 519 N. Warwick Rd., Somerdale, serves breakfast and lunch, seven days a week. In addition to bagels, Ellie's offers pastries, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and coffee, and recently just added omelets to the menu. Go take a selfie with the snow bagel, lol.

Come see Somerdale' largest Everything Bagel Snow sculpture

Posted by Ellie's Cafe on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

FYI, Ellie's Café will also color plain bagels to match your special occasion or work event. They've even got rainbow bagels!

SOURCES: Carla Vasile Park/Facebook; elliescafe/Facebook

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