Lies. Lies and more lies. I would even go as far to say BS! Not everything you see in the movies is actually how it goes, sometimes it is the complete opposite. And it is absolutely frustrating.

Dating can be, scratch that, IS difficult in today's world. 2018 did not make things any easier. Every time Hollywood releases a new film that features the perfect date and the happily-ever-after relationships I always tend to vomit in my mouth.

Then I start to question myself, maybe it's me, but I should really be turning my questions west to Hollywood and the movies they are releasing.

In my life I have found that Romantic-Comedies (Rom-Coms for short) portray certain aspects of the dating world in a different light.

Today, I want to bring some of these findings to the forefront because enough is enough. For better or worse here are what movies lie about when it comes to dating...


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    Going Over-The-Top On The First Date Is The Way To Go

    No, just no! Ever hear the phrase 'Keep it simple, stupid?' This should be a no-brainer. Don't go all out to a 5-star restaurant and rack up this unnecessarily expensive bill then take them on a tour of the city at night. Simple dinner, or drinks, coffee, you get it, will do.

    And I'm sorry but I have a really really good friend who does this ALL THE TIME and he scares them off after the first date. he is waht you would call a hopeless romantic, and thinks he's found love at first sight and is the one. Speaking off...

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    Love At First Sight Happens ALL The Time

    HAHAHA I'm sorry, call me a cynic or a realist but 10/10 times that DOES NOT happen. This is not "Romeo + Juliet" here. Also while we're at it let's group the 'date for 6-7 months then get engaged' people here too. Nothing makes me angrier than this. Like, do you REALLY know that person? Who are you trying to convince?

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    First-Time Sex With A New Person Is Cool

    More like awkward. When things get hot and heavy like in "Titanic," they seem to portray it absolutely perfect and flawless. But people, like myself, are willing to come forth and say that is not always the case, and can be pretty clumsy. There's no chemistry at all, it's the first go-around with this person.

    Bad sex happens, let's all be real and adult about this. We learn about the other person's body as time goes on, there's nothing you can do to change that.

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    Opposites Attract

    I've noticed as I write more and more on this post I get more and more furious. This could be farther from truth. Before we go any further you are going to tell me that you married or are in a relationship with your 'best friend.' Time out. That COULD be your best friend but you are going to have some differences here and there.

    Let me be the first to tell you if I was in a relationship with someone just like me I would do everything in my power to get out of that relationship because Lord knows having 2 people just like Joe in every which are in the same room would cause everyone to have an aneurysm.