The Most Exclusive Party of the Summer that everyone wants to be a part of is none other than BUD LIGHT BEACH! It’s hitting the Jersey Shore again this summer and it’s less than a month away! It’s not open to the public so you have to GET INVITED to attend.

Bud Light Beach is the perfect combination of having fun on the beach, at your best friend's BBQ, that is at an adult amusement park! Yeah… ridiculous! Who comes up with this stuff? Only America’s Favorite Light Lager, Bud Light!!

Don’t find yourself sitting at home scrolling social envious of all the fun when you could have scored yourself an invite, and one for your best friend too!

Thursday, Aug. 4 is the most anticipated party on the beach at the Jersey Shore and WE WANT YOU THERE!!!

Want a chance at an Invite?! Follow @BudLightBeach on Instagram and look for the GET INVITED POSTS! TAG your friends, INVITE them to follow @BudLightBeach too, and then POST your photos all summer long of you enjoying your favorite Bud Light products with the hashtag #BudLightBeach2022! The more you post… the better your photos… the better your chance to GET INVITED!!! (Must be 21+ years of age to follow and attend)

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