The summer's heating up, and that means you're running out of time to score an invite to The Jersey Shore’s Bud Light Beach Getaway.

It's going to be bigger than ever before: A gorgeous beach. A pristine pool. Games. Music. Good vibes. Great memories. It's a private event, but the easiest way to qualify for an invite is to whip out your phone, press the record button, and shoot a quick video answering one of 3 questions:

  • If you get invited, who will you bring with you and why?
  • You just arrived at Bud Light Beach, what is the first thing you do?
  • Why should you be invited to Bud Light Beach?

Like this:

Or this:

See? You don't have to make a full-length film; just 30 seconds or so with your phone. Boom. Done. Save it and  upload it here.


The other way to Get Invited is by hitting the Bud Light Seltzer Session Bar Tour. Click here  to learn more about dates and locations.

We're counting down the days until Friday, Aug. 6, so you'd better start working on winning that invite because this party only lasts one day! Find all the details at

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