When shopping on Black Friday and taking advantage of those hot deals the last thing you probably think of is necessities. While everyone is fighting over this year's hottest toy or a TV, you could be scoring deals on things that you use on a day to day basis. This Black Friday you can stock up on the essentials AND hang out with us at Hamilton Mall!

Put down the Tickle Me Elmo and KitchenAid mixers and start thinking of things you will actually use. Many stores have yet to release their Black Friday catalogs, which will quickly change since we've hit November, but here are some of the savings you can get on the things you actually need. You can see the Black Friday deals for 2018 on BlackFriday.com.

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    Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

    The essential paper products, one of which you never want to run out of. Yes, even toilet paper is on sale for Black Friday. Some stores offer savings of around $16 on multi-pack toilet paper and paper towels.

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    Laundry Detergent

    Laundry detergent has such a wide variety of prices, it's crazy. You can grab your laundry detergent and save around 50% on some detergents.

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    Hand Soap

    If you live in a house with a few people, you know just how fast you go through hand soap. Similarly to toilet paper, you go through it quickly and you never want to run out. Some stores are offering brand name hand soap for $1. Bath & Body Works, anyone?

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    If you don't go through toothpaste at a decent rate, you should probably be asking yourself why. Black Friday is big with the BOGO sales, even with toothpaste.

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    This is a two fold deal for you. There is a good chance you are buying some gifts that require batteries, but also you also need batteries for your TV remote that seem to die every other week. Black Friday has deals where you can save over 50% on those batteries you never seem to have.

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    Why is it that whenever you have one of those pounding headaches that keeps you up all night, you never have any acetaminophen? Well, on Black Friday you can save almost $4 of a bottle.

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    Tupperware is the socks of the kitchen, you can never find matches. You may have 20 containers and no lids or visa versa. Stores are offering over $20 off 28+ piece sets.

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    Yes, there are Black Friday deals for deodorant. There are sales on this necessity of around 50% off.

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    This doesn't mean sales on turkeys, hams, and holiday themed truffle variety boxes. Grocery stores actually have Black Friday deals on food you actually eat on an average day.

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    The cold weather means everyone you know will be sick at some point. You can snag multi-box packs of tissues and save over $5 on Black Friday.

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    Pet Supplies

    Pet stores do offer Black Friday deals so you can save on things like food, cat litter, hamster hay bedding, and pretty much anything else you'll need for your pet. They offer BOGO deals, 50% off, and rewards.

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    Shampoo and Conditioner

    Shampoo, conditioner, razors, body wash, hair spray and most other shower/bathroom essentials are on sale during Black Friday weekend.

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    Clothing Basics

    You may have hated getting underwear and socks as a kid, but as an adult they are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you are buying them as gifts, or for yourself, stores have sales on basic jeans, t-shirts, underwear and socks.