A black bear has been enjoying some time hanging around the Blackwood area of Gloucester Township.

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Authorities claim this may be the SAME BEAR that's already been seen in West Deptford and Monroe Twp.!

First, it was noticed Wednesday on Beech Court and Linden Drive in Blackwood, Patch.com reports. This morning, it was spotted in the Blackwood Estates development. It even reportedly crossed the Black Horse Pike near Grenloch Lake and College Drive where the shopping outlets and Camden County College are! It must be pretty hungry (I keep calling the bear 'it' because I don't know if it's a he or a she, lol).

As someone born and raised in Glo. Twp., these bear sightings on my old stomping grounds crack me up! It's one of the most exciting things I've ever heard come out of my town, (yes, it's small, lol). If I'd spotted it in my backyard I'd probably have offered it some honey, lol. I'd be talking to it like, 'Come over here and let's play!', and gotten my face eaten off like Leo in The Revenant.  I may have even gone for a swim with it in our family's pool. Trust me, I shake my head at myself sometimes, lol.

Gloucester Twp. Police thanked members of the community for phoning in the sightings, and called it a 'friend', which makes me happy.

But, if I were you, if you live in the GT area, I'd lock up my bird feeders and trash so as to not encourage any close encounters of your own. And, BY ALL MEANS, DO NOT follow my advice to invite it for a swim, lol.

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