I think it's only fitting that the folks at Billboard brainstormed the idea of bringing Michael Jackson back to the performance stage via high tech special effects.  I feel it would have been technology the King of Pop would have approved of and even gotten giddy over.  This 'projection' of Jackson at last night's Billboard Music Awards enabled him to share a performance of the unearthed song 'Slave to the Rhythm'.  The results were nothing short of spectacular.

This trick of the eye made me so happy and so mad at the same time.  I'm mad at Michael for dying.  Last night also served as a reminder that even a discarded Michael Jackson track is better than half of the new music out there.

I also decided that if the powers that be can make an hour production out of this hologram business, it could make for an amazing and profitable residency in Las Vegas.  The city does hang its hat on magic after all.