Beyonce has given birth!  The star is resting comfortably at a New York City hospital, but her stay is inconveniencing other expectant parents, and one dad wants a personal apology from Jay Z.

An entire wing of the maternity ward at Lenox Hill hospital in Manhattan was rented out for little Blue Ivy Carter's arrival to the tune of $1.3 million dollars.  Hallways were repainted, the delivery room redecorated, and security details put in place by Jay Z have outraged families of other babies born in the hospital this past weekend.  Many loved ones of new mommies were forced to wait long periods of time to visit their family's new edition, some were even frisked prior to entry.  Neil Coulon, father of newborn premies was forced to wait 20 minutes and stall family members he had driving from more than 4 hours away before he was cleared for the NICU by what he dubbed rude, obstructive body guards.  He has demanded an apology from Jay Z.